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Apr 15

Mad Men Inspiration

Mad Men Pinterest

The final season on Mad Men is almost upon us, the UK air date is tomorrow and I’m equally excited and sad, it’s bittersweet to know it won’t be gracing our screens after these final few episodes play out.

To say Mad Men has been a great influence on the patterns I pick and fabrics I choose would be an understatement.  I have always loved vintage fashions but being a (now retired) burlesque…

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Apr 10

Burlesque Weekly Round Up

Burlesque Weekly Round Up

 BHoF on a (G)String Budget via 21st Century Burlesque

Our lady in Italia: Vixen Valentine chats with Dixie Ramone of Caput Mundi International Burlesque Festival via Burlesque Seattle Press

Burlesque Beauty: LouLou D’vil via 21st Century Burlesque

Singing and stripping with Queenie O’Hart via Burlesque Seattle Press

 Rock Candy Burlesque in Icing On the Cake: Twice as Sweet via burlesque seattle…

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Apr 09

Wee Little Stitches: Dumbledore

Wee Little Stitches: Dumbledore

Dumbledore close up

If you haven’t seen the lovely designs from Wee Little Stitches where have you been? The’re a perfect mix of geek and cross stitch and I absolutely adore them.

When I found out my friend was expecting and I saw their fantastic Dumbledore pattern I just knew I had to make it as a present. Harry Potter is something that is very close to both of us and we have shared experiences of, we lived…

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Apr 07

Sneak Peek at what I’ve been sewing

Sneak Peek at what I’ve been sewing


I know, no posts for a week BUT I have been making progress with some Gertie pedal pushers in 3 different ways (2 done, 1 to go), then I was a little bit poorly and this weekend I was in London an got home super late last night.

Perfect excuse to show my Gertie’s off in the Natural History Museum on Saturday, here I am just chillin’


More to come soon! :D

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In Conversation with Havana Hurricane

In Conversation with Havana Hurricane


I sat down to shoot the shit with Havana Hurricane, UK burlesque starlet, a tour de force sweeping across the world with a bump n grind burlesque style that would make your mamma blush.

If you haven’t seen Havana perform yet I would describe her like this:

She’s a pretty, pint sized, Disney-esque princess until she whips off her dress and all hell breaks loose. She’s a formidable force and is…

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Apr 05

judt chillin in my home made shizzle #sewing #naturalhistorymuseum

judt chillin in my home made shizzle #sewing #naturalhistorymuseum

Mar 31

Burlesque Weekly Round Up

Burlesque Weekly Round Up

Burlesque Dancers & Their Tattoos via Coochie Crunch

Review: Beauty and the Beast (Julie Atlas Muz and Mat Fraser, New York, March 2014) via 21st Century Burlesque

Lolo Brow’s Guide to Deranged Disrobing via 21st Century Burlesque

 Flawless Body/Flawless Self via 21st Century Burlesque

Show Afterglow: Diversi-Tease 2014 via 21st Century Burlesque

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Mar 28

nails did. loving the new #barryM silk polish :D #nailsdid #nails #nailporn

nails did. loving the new #barryM silk polish :D #nailsdid #nails #nailporn

March Vintage Pattern Giveaway

March Vintage Pattern Giveaway

This month the pattern I’m giving away it this beautiful early 50s blouse, 34bust, McCalls 3088.

McCalls 3088

To enter please comment below, visit my facebook page like and comment on the post related to this blog or visit my twitter and retweet those giveaway tweet.

I’ll pick a winner next Friday, 4th April.

Good luck folks!

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Mar 27

Fabric for Fashion: The Swatch Book

Fabric for Fashion: The Swatch Book

FFF Front

FFF Front

Let’s not sugar coat it; Fabrics for Fashion: The Swatch Book is expensive with the RRP £60. I got it for around about £37 and even then I could only afford it due to the stroke of good luck I’ve had recently.

It is however, for someone like me who doesn’t yet know her batiste from her shantung, priceless.

I am one of those people that walk around a fabric shop hanging her head in shame,…

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