Batman Live

I got a free ticket to see Batman live last night…..only posting this one pic cause I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who’s going to see it. 

So that’s the stage set up for the beginning of the show. 

Not sure whether die hard Batman fans will particularly love it, it’s definitely more for the kids but it’s thoroughly entertaining with some amazing aerial work and tumbling. The circus parts are really impressive and the villains are all excellent in their portrayal of the characters but not enough Poison Ivy for me, she gets a whole five minutes near the end (if that) and only plays a minor role. Then again if you’re not a massive Poison Ivy fan you won’t be bothered. 

Harley Quinn plays a big part in Batman Live, something that may put the “true” fans off, I know a few have grumble since she was introduced into Gotham’s seedy underworld in 1992 through the animated series (later appearing in The Batman Adventures in ‘93). I personally have always had a fondness for HQ. Not in the way that Poison Ivy has though (none of this was even hinted at, I would have quite liked to see some scrap between her and the Joker over Harley…..maybe not suitable for the kids though!). 

Dick Grayson’s story was played out to give the show a decent storyline and something to hold it together, which was great (although Dick looked a little over 9 and more of Nightwing age) but they shifted it around a little and Zucco actually worked for the Joker giving them a good excuse to get all the villains togetehr and work as one against Batman. 

Set was great, cast were great(although a little hindered by their costumes some of the time - it’s the first night though, something’s got to give right?) pyros and vis-effect all awesome (the bat signal shined right on me!)  and the kids in the audience (and the one sat in my seat) loved it. 

If you’re going to see it you’ll have a great time, just sit back and watch the caped crusader do his thing :D